A long history of marginalization has made an excellent education difficult to obtain for most children entering the public school system in Nashville. According to a recent New York Times study, children in Nashville have some of the lowest chances in the country of rising from the bottom fifth of the income distribution to the top fifth.

Most students in Nashville are ill-prepared for success in college and beyond. The ACT is a college readiness test and is a critical element of a student’s college application.

Too few students graduate prepared to succeed in the best colleges and universities.

In recognition of this reality, Liberty Collegiate Academy aims to reimagine what’s possible in public education in Nashville. Liberty prepares every student to enter, succeed in, and graduate from the four-year college of their choice and believes that all children, regardless of race, background, or socioeconomic status, can achieve at high levels.

Our staff ensures students are on this path beginning in the fifth grade. By exposing students to life’s opportunities, urgently pursuing rigorous academic goals, and laying the foundations for strong, ethical character, our students will be prepared for success in college and beyond.

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